Tailor your marking & communications team to your business.

Nifty is a collaboration of some of the best small businesses in strategy, technology, and design. With that kind of a powerhouse at your disposal, you can focus on operating your business while we work together take care of the rest.


Individually, we’re focused & specialized. Together we’re a powerhouse team.

Exceeding the offerings of a traditional agency, we pack the expertise required of a large-scale firm, but are able to flex our distinct services to suit your company. Get the best of the services you really need, and leave the rest behind.


A group of companies.
Or just a few services — you pick.

We are a team of small businesses that all work together. Our focus is doing good work for good people. As established experts, we deliver incredible results both together and on our own.

Don’t need all of us? No problem! Pick and choose the services you need for a fully tailored team. We have a fresh approach — we’re flexible for you.

Together we offer a wide range of services to better fit your needs.

Business Strategy and Metrics

Marketing is most effective when it aligns with your business strategy. We tie your marketing and customer engagement metrics to your financial results through interactive dashboards to ensure a return on investment.

Branding & Design

Logo design, visual identity and brand assets. We work with you to create the most solid foundation for all of your marketing and communications and support these materials with ongoing design support.


We build well-crafted user experiences online through intuitive interfaces and engaging design. Through customer/user analysis, wireframing, prototyping and solid planning we connect business goals to user’s needs. We create beautiful, user-friendly websites.


We offer full-stack development services with a focus on web applications and medium - large scale websites. Our development services range from common business needs to fully customized solutions.


If there is one service that links everything together it is writing. Organizing and creating content for websites, creative writing for your brand, blog writing, social media content development, marketing and communications and annual reports are just some of the things we offer.

Search Engine Optimization

When your potential customers type in keywords or a phrase relevant to your business or industry, we help them find your product or service. We help small to medium businesses by expanding their reach and acquiring new customers.

Social Media

We develop strategies and craft content plans that are focused, engaging, and achieve business objectives. We deliver training to empower your team to use social media platforms and determine the best use of influencer marketing to reach the right audiences in creative, authentic, and result-driven ways.

Digital Marketing

We set-up and optimize the most effective platforms, formats, and placements to be the most impactful for the audiences you’re trying to reach. Our digital ad campaigns outperform industry standards, which means lower costs and higher returns.

Photography & Videography

Visual storytelling is crucial in modern marketing. It helps to round out and promote your brand, get's attention, improves understanding, influences emotion and has so many usage applications online and off.

If you are asking yourself this question… Chances are we can help.

Albeit a grand statement, if something is wrong in your business, there is a high probability that we can help you solve it. That is the beauty about working with a team that is so diverse yet focused on each specific offering. We can help determine cause through data and analytics and aid in creating a solution through business logic, marketing, technology or communications.

See what we can do

Nifty team members have had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients so far. Here are a few of them.

Parkwood Master Builder

Sonder helped Parkwood create a website that would help a potential home-buyer access the information they need to make an informed decision. Influence Media elevated their online presence by optimizing their site for search engines and through a successful Google Ads campaign.

Sparrow Spaces

Sonder Creative designed and built the brand and website for this co-work space network. They gave Sparrow Spaces a site that can expand over time to fit with their growing infrastructure and a brand that offers some room to grow.

TEC Edmonton

TEC Edmonton worked with Sonder Creative to do a full website refresh. They were able to launch a site that their team can easily manage internally and has a much clearer purpose.